The Tiffany 2014 Holiday Campaign

By Aya Sabina Bracho Kodani @ayasbk @ayagourmet A story board made luxurious with lot of sparkles, the good sparkles. A lifestyle you wished for told in several sketches in a glamourous way. Glam… Sigue leyendo

Beign #stylish in #Japan is a must. #Lux

By Aya Sabina Bracho Kodani @ayasbk @ayagourmet Beign #stylish in #Japan is a must. #Luxury restaurants in Tokyo & Osaka of #BulgariHotels seems worth visiting!

#ElHatillo celebra sus 230 años de fundación

By Aya Sabina Bracho Kodani @ayasbk @ayagourmet #ElHatillo celebra sus 230 años de fundación. Asiste a la programación de #cultura y #entretenimiento que ha preparado la Alcaldía para el finde!. //

#13J La historia del querido pueblo en #

#13J La historia del querido pueblo en #Ccs a través de 10 emblemáticos personajes en el cumpleaños 230 de #ElHatillo

Why have a conventional doughnut when there is Krispy Kreme?

  By: Aya Sabina Bracho Kodani Follow me on @ayasbk and @ayagourmet Not an often eater of doughnuts, but have have Krispy Kreme as one of my top 2 favourite international brands in this matter.… Sigue leyendo

“Luxurious” experience in Japanese toilets

By Aya Sabina Bracho Kodani @ayasbk @ayagourmet As weird as it may be read, yes, going to a public toilet could be a luxurious experience for the first timmers in Japan. I took… Sigue leyendo

I got hooked on Starbucks Matcha Frappuccino in Japan!

By Aya Sabina Bracho Kodani @ayasbk @ayagourmet Even though is quite expensive, considering the hyper wide variety of drinks available in Japan, the Matcha Frappuccino of Starbucks is something as a foodie I… Sigue leyendo

Ligth with style, design for useful purpouses lighting up LAX

By Aya Sabina Bracho Kodani @ayasbk @ayagourmet In April I had a very long way from Caracas (Venezuela) to Osaka (Japan). After many hours of flights and waiting time, I got to Los… Sigue leyendo

Burberry window display in Los Angeles Internationl Airport

By Aya Sabina Bracho Kodani @ayasbk @ayagourmet Having comfortable faccilities while travelling is a must. Having great things to do and to watch in a airport a plus. I recently used Los Angeles… Sigue leyendo

FAO Schwarz, 150 años de un mágico mundo de juguetes

By Aya Sabina Bracho Kodani @ayasbk @ayagourmet Una noche caraqueña, de cuando yo tenía como a los 9-10 años, mi papá revisó muy preocupado una de las maletas que le abrieron en el… Sigue leyendo

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